Eight years and counting.

Well friends, I have made it to the beautiful country of the Netherlands! It’s been a little over a week now since leaving the states and so far all is great.

New years here in the Netherlands  was a sight to see yet again with hundreds of people taking to the streets at the stroke of 12 to set off fireworks in every foreseeable direction. The weather wasn’t ideal and the fog made it harder to see too to far, not to mention the smoke from the fireworks adding to it, but that didn’t stop anyone from celebrating! Fireworks could be heard for hours all around and even some the following day.

Just recently I returned from a weekend visiting another friend in Venlo, The Netherlands. The weekend brought some very strange weather with it, even she had never experienced anything quite like it. The combination of snow/rain and temperatures right at freezing made for an icy wonderland. All the sidewalks and some streets were transformed into perfectly smooth sheets of ice. Our 20 minute walk into the center turned into about 30+ with the added challenge of not slipping and falling. We had a good time catching up and a fun night out on the town, not on the ground, thankfully. Until next time friend!

It was recently pointed out to me, that 8 years ago about this time of year was my first trip abroad to Sout Africa … well aside from a small trip or two to Toronto, Canada. Sure, I had done my fair share of traveling in the states with family, but nothing as big as that! At the time I was just 18 and now at 26 it is crazy to think how far I’ve come all stemming from the decision to go on that one trip. Now here I am seeing so many places and meeting so many people all over the world. That initial experience abroad really sparked my love for travel and I hope I never lose it.

Next on the agenda before heading to Australia is a long weekend to Rome! I’m so very excited to cross that beautiful city off my list and will be sure to post again about my time there. Tot ziens for now though.
– Bec

*All photographs are originals and I hope to continue to share my journey with everyone. Thanks for your support!

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