Keyboard Shortcuts

It is important in a field with deadline and time restrictions that you work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Most applications have shortcuts that can help you in the processes making it easier to work. I have only just begun using the program Premier, learning the shortcuts as I go. Each time I use Premier, I find a new helpful shortcut and already I am getting faster in my editing.

Spacebar – This shortcut is pretty standard among most programs as a play/pause function for a video. This has come in handy when playing back videos during the editing process. As I come across something I want to change I can pause, make the changes and hit spacebar again to continue.

M (Marker) – I have found that I use this a lot when adding music or sound to a video. This shortcut will ‘tag’ or ‘flag’ a spot in the video/audio. I have some background in music having been in choir most of my life and find that when there is not dialogue making a cut on the beat of the soundtrack can make it appear more visually pleasing. I use the marker tool to flag high or low points in the song where I may want to make a cut. If the marker is slightly off  I then use the arrow keys to make fins adjustments so that the audio and visual cuts line up correctly.

Arrow keys (LEFT and RIGHT) – The arrow keys are for fine tuning adjustments. Hitting the spacebar or using the mouse to find the right location for a cut can be difficult. The arrow keys allow you to go through the video frame by frame making it a lot more precise when trying to match up a sequence of shots.

Cmd K (Cut) – When cutting down a clip you can start off by using I (in) and O (out) to get an general portion of a longer clip. Once I have done the general cut and added it to my sequence, I then use the arrow keys to do fine adjustments. Cmd K then makes the new cut at the selected frame. This shortcut is also very useful if you have already created  a sequence but want to go back and add something in the middle for instance. After finding where you want the cut you can then split what was a singular sequence into two separate clips.

These shortcuts are all very basic but ones that I have found helpful in speeding up my editing process. I also find myself using other shortcuts such as S, H, V, Cmd C, Cmd V, and many more. As I continue to learn more about the program I am confident that I will add even more shortcuts to what I already use becoming more proficient in the program.


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