User Interface Aesthetics

There are a lot of different factors that go into having a successful website or app. Sure, the company can use a number of tools to promote their site to try and reach as many potential customers as possible. Though, with the many things you can do as a company, you still need to have an engaging interface that will keep the customer interested in what you are trying to present to them.

“Users make lasting judgments about a website’s appeal within a split second of seeing it for the first time (Reinecke. 2013)”.

When creating a website, content is not the only thing that you need to focus on. It is also important to focus on the color scheme and complexity of how you present that content. These both have an effect on the trustworthiness and appeal of the site before the customer even looks at the rest. Having these attributes will allow the customer to engage with the company’s site more. As you can see below, the site on the left has a much better way of presenting their content to the viewer than the site on the left. It is a clean, simple, cohesive design with easy navigation verses a busy complex interface with highly contrasting colors and overlapping images.

Why is this?

Our minds are drawn to things that we perceive as beautiful. They do this because the things we find beautiful are typically regarded as pleasurable to us. As a company, if you are able to do that, it will create a better experience for the customer and they will be able to process and engage with your information better. This of course still has exceptions because people may not always perceive beauty in the same way.

You can gear the color schemes and complexity to the product that you are selling and who you are selling it to. For instance, a dentist’s site you may use blues and whites with a more simplistic design. This will give the a crisp and clean perception which lends itself well to a dentist as it is important to build that customers trust. This approach would be different with a kids toy website. In that case you may have brighter more saturated colors to catch the viewers eye making them want to explore a certain item(s) further. This has a more playful interactive feel to it which goes along with the product the company is trying to sell. Both sites have a distinct feel and design to them putting the customer at ease when looking at the content.



There can be so many different variations of a company’s website. Finding an aesthetic color scheme, partnered with a simple easy to use design will have the largest reach within your given audience. It is difficult to please everyone so you have to strive for what is going to give you the best response. By doing this, you as a company have the best chance of the customer trusting and interacting with the content for longer.


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