No Direction Home

After watching the opening scene of Martin Scorsese’s ‘No Direction Home’ a few times it really drives home and alludes to what this story is going to be about. It starts off with Bob Dylan in his element on stage singing his song no direction home, but quickly switches to a very dull grey image with a voice talking about the feeling of time standing still. This was my first clue to what the film was going to be about. When they paired this imagery with the narration it instantly sets a tone talking about his past.

The narrator then begins to go into the early life of Bob Dylan and his childhood home. In the house his father bought he found a guitar and an old record player that he said took him to a new place and gave him the feeling that he was born into the wrong family. You know at that point that music is going to have a huge impact on his life. It takes him out of this desolate place and that feeling of being stuck in time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 5.29.28 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 5.29.37 PM

At the age of 10 before he even knew how to play music it affected him in such a way that it made him feel as though he was someone else. Immediately it then goes into talk about the town losing its livelihood and beginning to decay. It talks about the people in the town, the ruralness of it, and that no one ever really rebels or breaks away from that routine.

I feel that it is pretty obvious in foreshadowing what the rest of the film is going to be about. You have a young boy in a town and time where no one questions or rebels; who has just come across the escape of music that takes him to another place and gives him new life. He will start to break that mold and break away from the place stuck in time to find himself through the music.

This opening scene was really creatively done and does a great job of setting up a tone for how the rest of the film will turn out. It alludes to what the story is going to be about without coming out and telling you out right. At the same time, it gives you insight to how the story of Bob Dylan all started at such a young age.

– Bec

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