Goals and Desires

The field of media is still very new to me, as I have only just scratched the surface on what it has to offer. When choosing a Masters in Media I thought about past life experiences, what types of things made me happy, and what I was passionate about. From a very young age I latched onto photography as a medium for my creativity. Media takes that interest to the next level adding motion. During my undergraduate program I was able to take a course called ‘Photographic motion’ which touched on a few different forms of media. We were able to explore stop motion, music videos, moving portraiture, some audio, as well as the basic editing for each project. Through my studies I found that my eye for photography merged well into media and I was enjoying every aspect of the course.

Now a few weeks into the masters program, I am seeing that I am still only at the very beginning stages of learning the processes of sound and image. Looking back at some of the short videos I made prior to this course I can already see where I could have improved in terms of editing. I hope to continue refining my basic skills while also adding more advanced skills such as color grading, effects, and multiple audio tracks. In editing, the richer you can make a product, the better it is. By adding different tracks of sound, music and effects corresponding to what you see will make your end product infinitely better. I am a firm believer in being trained across a field knowing the basics in as many positions as possible as they all have an effect on one another.

My goal is to make myself as marketable as possible for jobs following the program. Firstly, because I am not yet sure what direction I want to take following this masters, in terms of career. Secondly, being knowledgable in all aspects, however basic, will allow you to be a better decision maker. For example say I am part of the production planning. If I plan with the editing in mind it will allow me to make clearer decisions about how to shoot a scene. It will also have an effect in the editing process making it clear for the editor what the vision and feel for a film is. It truly is a collaborative field and takes the expertise of many to create a singular product.


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