Writing Reflectively

Writing reflectively is important to get in the habit of doing. It allows you to learn from yourself by evaluating your decision making process. In the reading “writing reflectively” there is are examples about giving a presentation and each is more in depth than the one before. It is important to question everything even if you view it as mundane. Being able to discuss why you make the choices that you do will allow you to defend your decisions in the future. I find that in group situations it is even more important to think and reflect on the decisions that were made.

Working as a part of a group or team, there may be instances where there are different views about how something should be done.  For example, say you are working with a team to create a 90 second video telling a story. Each individual is going to have their own opinions on how it should be shot and what the final product should look like. No one person is right or wrong and reflecting on how each person approaches the assignment can give you a new perspective you may not have been exposed to previously. Allowing yourself to reflect on these instances afterward and being able to reason why a situation worked or didn’t work, as well as how it can be approached differently is invaluable. This can help in a future project when a similar situation occurs. You will be able to recall what you learned in the past by reflecting allowing you to make a more efficient decision.

I tend to be an observer, processing situations and then making decisions. If I begin to practice writing reflectively it will give me the ability to explore not only why I made certain decisions, but also explore how others approached theirs. It challenges my own way of thinking, giving me a basis for new decision making. It allows me to grow as an individual becoming more well rounded. Some situations, in this field especially, may demand a quick decision. Through my reflections, I will be able to make a quick and educated decision without having to take time to process it again because I will have already done that. Even still, there are always things that can be tweaked making them better in the future so it is important to still be reflective in every situation.

Being part of a creative field and working with so many differing backgrounds, it is inevitable that people will have different ideas about how something should be done. This is a great opprotunity to learn about yourself, how you work, but also how others approach the same situations through discussion and reflection. I am just starting out in this field and beginning to learn how everything works together making it the perfect time for me to start writing and over time my experiences will build on one another. This will make it easier for me to make and defend my decisions when I am working throughout my career.


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