3 Shot Expertise

During the 3 shot expertise exercise I really tried to keep in mind the 180-degree rule trying not to cross it. In small groups we practiced shooting a couple short scenes. I was able to direct for one of the sequences and was the camera operator in the other. The exercise was to plan the shots with the post production stage in mind. By picking a couple different easy scenarios, we were able to really focus of the framing of each shot to make it interesting. When I was directing, it helped to picture what the scene would look like once edited rather than what I saw in front of me.

It is important to think about post production when you are shooting and even in the planning stages. I noticed in one of the edits that I did that the actor started in the frame of one shot making it more difficult to cut. By not adding a little space before and after the shot it caused a jump in the scene. Rather than having the actor walk into the frame and open a door, the actor’s shoulder was already in frame and hand on the door when action was called. That makes it difficult because if in the wide shot the actor does not hit the same mark as in the close up it makes it confusing to the eye causing a jump in time. In the end I was able to cut it to look as if it is a heavier door and is a bit harder to open rather than a jump in what you see.

I find that it is good to run through the a scene from the actor entering frame to when they leave giving you enough footage to then experiment with in post production. Now if it is a long scene, running the entire thing with 5-6 camera angles and multiple takes will take up to much time. In that case, starting a line or two before the action you want extra coverage on and ending a little after will make it so much easier on you in the editing phase. If you limit yourself to shooting from right where you want to start/end there may be jumps or cuts that don’t look right and dictate where you make your cuts.


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