Taxi Driver – Deconstructed

In terms of sounds design within this scene from Taxi Driver, it was pretty spot on. As the character enters the campaign office you can hear all of the phones ringing as well as the the rustling of papers. It fits what you see in the scene and adds the element of a busy fast paced working environment. I found it a really smart decision to eliminate some of the background noice during the dialogue of the scene and then return to it at the end when the character turns to leave the office. This points the attention toward the dialogue and actions in the scene rather than adding another element to process.

Visually, there is one instance in the scene where I noticed a slight continuity error. This may only be because I am deconstructing and watching closely to what is happening in the scene, but the shot has his arm sweeping away from his body across the desk and then cuts back to him talking to her and his arm is back by his side. This could have been shot after the dialogue scene and added to emphasize the space but in that his arm placement was missed between the cuts. It is only a slight movement that would likely go undetected to the audience as it is not the focus but it also could have been avoided easily too.

When watching the scene I also took note of the costuming in conjunction with the production design. There is an overwhelming use of the color red and warm tones within the room and on the characters. Although they do a good job of not clashing, there is an instance where the character’s head nearly floats because the color of his jacket blends in with the color of the carpet. Below you can see the use of red in the characters as well as their surroundings. Had it not been for the desk being grey you would have lost the character to the background.

Taxi - red

It was not only the main characters that were in the reds and warm color tones though. In the images below, to the left you can see the secondary character has on a red tie and pink shirt and to the right you see very warm tones like yellow and orange within the wardrobe. This is a campaign office and the primary candidate colors are red or blue (based on the party). I think that it was a smart and bold choice to have so much of the same color and successfully make it work throughout the scene. Because of the differences in tones and patterns, it is not overwhelming for the viewer while adding a richness, tone and sense of space to the shot.


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