In today’s world of storytelling, being innovative and going beyond just a singular storyline will really help to build a fan base and franchise.

“Transmedia, briefly, is the telling of a story across multiple media channels where each individual narrative has the ability to stand-alone and yet, makes a worthy contribution to the grand narrative.” (Menard. D)

When it comes to transmedia one of the really successful campaigns that comes to mind is the Marvel universe. It is an example of how you can take one story and branch off into many different forms of media. These stories all started off as individual comics and through movies have become more involved and intertwined with one another.

Marvel has created a huge transmedia universe that is sure to have very particular guidelines to keep consistency throughout. These different stories and worlds can be enjoyed on their own but are also a cohesive narrative and entire universe.

Pokemon is another really good use of transmedia. They have just recently introduced a new aspect to an already hugely successful franchise. The Pokemon Go app has taken a brand that was sort of put on the back burner and not been talked about as much outside of its niche audience. Now with this app has sparked a whole new level of interest and went viral worldwide. It has revitalized the franchise and opened new possibilities.

There are hundreds of different Pokemon all with different evolutions. There is not really a singular text that tells the fans about each one but rather the fans themselves find out and discover about these different creatures through the different forms of media. Because of this each player or fan may find out different information which then encourages conversations between them. Not only do they build the story through the forms of media but also through fan interactions.

When done right the use of different media platforms to expand upon a story or world can really boost your product to the next level.

– Bec

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