Social Media Campaigns

Creating a social media campaign for a project can really help and boost it to the next level. If done right it can be a cheap and easy way to gain an audience with minimal effort. These free platforms have the ability to connect with a potential or existing audience and interact with them. If you are able to do something offline and bring it back online through fan’s interactions it will have a much further reach.

One of biggest issues with my group and our short film End Game was coming up with a fun and interesting way to present our project on a different level. There were a few movies that I found did really creative things to help boost their product and gain or grow a fan base.

The Hunger games was a huge success and was very innovative with aspects of how they promoted it online. They took the main plot of the story and created an online world where viewers could create a profile and pick which district they were from, encompassing them in the story world that was created. It took the story world that was created in the movie and allowed the viewers to be in it and choose their own path interacting in it. It also gave the fans the opportunity to interact with one another about the story.


Another promotion that I thought was genius with the campaign for Zoolander 2, was when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson went to Paris fashion week. The guys walked down the Valentino runway in full character causing a frenzy online. There were hashtags and pictures and tweets all about the appearance there, which directly related to the movie and was free and positive marketing for their movie Zoolander 2.

This was quick to take off and go viral through gifs, videos, and pictures. It helped some because they already had a following from the first film and so when word was out there was a second and they created instances like this the fan base ignited again. It was a really smart and innovative way to advertise offline sparking chatter online.


We really struggled with finding an innovative way to go beyond just making posts on our social media pages to promote our project End Game. Because we have placed the film in a ‘Bluestone Room’ for an annual poker game where these assassins come together, I have decided to create a blog and twitter account called the Bluestone Record. This will be an outlet for information about the different assassins; following them, their calling cards, as well as articles about their backstories and current happenings. It will allow the audience to interact with the characters in a different way than just in the story world of the movie.


Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 2.56.29 PM


– Bec

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