New Directions in Narrative

Coming up with a new idea for a project is always one of the hardest things for me to do. I am big on bouncing ideas off of one another and building a story from the start of a simple idea or working with a client brief and building from that.

I feel that with technology building and growing the way it is now that it is so easy to put your ideas out there and get feedback of some kind before even starting to create your idea. It makes the process at every stage more and more collaborative in nature. Some people, like myself, tend to be more reserved and not as passionate about one specific topic or genre to make it easier to jump start the ideas.

This is where I struggle, but there are platforms and forums online now used as collaboration between individuals all over the world.  Going on sites like that and even just seeing what is out there being worked on can sometimes spark an idea I didn’t realize I had. Joseph Gordon Levitt, actor and director, has funded and owns an online collaborative production company where creatives can share and build on their content.

I think that with technology and how it is progressing you can tell a story in as little as 6 seconds. Take Vine for instance, it was a platform designed specifically for very short 6 second videos. That platform is gone now but the concept behind it and ability to tell a story in a short time was really interesting. We are getting used to instant new material that everyone can utilize, and we are able to process content quicker.

With that instant connectivity, it is such a wide open platform to reach any sort of audience. It is great because you can really say what you want in a project and be able to have it received by an audience in some way, that was not possible before. It is a way to connect and share with likeminded people while also maybe showing a new perspective to someone else.

Im not sure what form my project will end up in, but I would love for it to show a side of me that maybe isn’t always seen. Since I don’t have a direction yet my plan is to just start looking at what kind of content is being made out there and seeing how I can add to or create a new perspective to show, while staying true to myself and my truth.


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