Narrative structures

In the digital age the lines of narrative are becoming more blurred. It is becoming more complex yet at the same time opening a lot of opportunities to use new technologies to help tell a story. This blog is based on a presentation given in class surrounding narrative structures.

As the group who presented pointed out, these new ways of delivering narrative create an interactive element. You can see these non-linear branching stories a lot in video games allowing the user to become part of the story.

One movie that I thought of during their presentation was Rat Race. It has multiple narratives branching throughout the entire movie but will come together at times and creating beat points in the narrative. The beginning and end are predetermined yet it jumps around in the middle. This story could have easily been done just following one narrative but adding more takes it to another level.


This is important to think about when coming up with our assessments and how switching up the narrative structure can elevate our work. The group was able to show a variety of different narrative forms and how switching from a traditional linear structure can actually invite the user to be an active participant.

I did find some of it hard though because so much of it was about the interactivity and most of the examples were video games. It is an important thing to know and keep in mind, but it is equally important to know your own limitations. I personally do not have much knowledge about video games to create a successful world for the user in the technical sense.

For my project, I need to keep in mind my capabilities but also that I can bring in elements of that interactivity through varies platforms that can compliment what I do. I wont be able to make a video game, nor do I want to at this stage, but I can learn a lot about studying them and how they engage user to interact with the material. I also would like, in some way, to feature a number of different characters and show off their narratives in a unique way. Again I am still developing my pitch so I am not sure what form that will take but I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.


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