Critical Response to Feedback

Following my pitch presentation there was not a whole lot of critical feedback given. We were quite thorough and realistic when considering what we are doing this semester but also where the project could be taken into the future. One suggestions that was given was to look into potential funding for featuring these Melbourne based artists.

Previously this was not something that I has really considered as I have gotten used to working on little to no budget throughout university. With the project being mutually beneficial for us as media creators and for the artist to help them showcase who they are and what they do, a lot of them were happy to volunteer their time.

I would actually be very interested to see where we can take this project into the future outside of the course. I think it could have a big impact not only for us as portfolio pieces but also for the artists and community surrounding them. It is not something that I initially thought had much potential but now that we have thought about the finer details and started to meet these artists I think it could do really well. It is also something that I would be interested in continuing after I move back home to the states as I think it can be successful on a global scale too.


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