Audience and Social Media

When thinking about what kind of social media platforms to use for the project ‘Art-off the wall’ it was pretty self-explanatory. The project was designed specifically for Instagram and would not be as successful on other platforms. The problem I have found, even within my own personal page, is in how to get people to view it. With Instagram, is not the easiest to stumble upon new content but rather shows you what you have chosen to like or follow.

One of the key objectives for this project was not only to benefit us as content creators but also to benefit the artists and be able to showcase their work to a wider audience than they already have. Now the question posed for us is: how can we tap into their existing primary audiences with a brand new page and no followers….

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 2.29.42 PM

As a starting off point, we began to like and follow the artists, similar pages to ours like Now This and 60 sec docs, as well as any hash tags that relate to each artists’ medium. This helped a little bit and we tapped into our own close personal networks getting us up to 50 followers before posting anything. It wasn’t until the lecture that I realized it is not totally one sided and we don’t have to rely on promoting the posts and gaining followers all on our own.

We will tag our posts, maybe even promote some of them but we also want to curate something for them to post the week prior to their release to easily reach and bring interest to the people already following them. This may allow for us to get followers before the doco has been posted as opposed to just after. However, each artist is so very different and has their own aesthetic to their site that we would not want to stray from that.

We have decided to create a mini teaser, 5-10 sec, with the Art-off the wall logo that they can post on their page prior to their content being released on our page. It is not a necessity and they are welcome to opt out if they feel it doesn’t fit their page, but we feel that it will only benefit them and us of course. In doing this it will help drive some of their followers to our page, which will lead them not only back to that artist but many others. This is the best way to get eyes to the page without promoting it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.21.29 PM.png

In terms of social media for my personal use, I try to just use the ones most relevant to what I do. A couple of my biggest hobbies are traveling and photography so I use my Instagram to feature those. Filming is also a passion of mine but adding that would change the aesthetic of my page so I choose to feature that on Vimeo rather than Instagram. Looking toward the future I feel that a website would best benefit my practice to show versatility across the media industry and house a variety of content all in one spot.


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