One Year Plan

It can be a really hard task to try and come up with a one-year plan when you are not totally sure where you want to end up in terms of specific jobs. It would be easy if say I wanted to be a director. I could look into the paths that so many directors took before me, how they navigated the industry and see if some of those steps could fit for me. Unfortunately for me that is still a bit of a gray area right now.

I have however, become clearer as to where my strengths lie through experiences at RMIT as well as general life and work experiences including the ones outside the industry. I am confident that once I am able to prove my worth as an effective, enthusiastic, and punctual worker, I will be able to meet and network myself into other jobs. I find getting that first job is the hardest part. Once I am in the job and working with people it is more of a face-to-face effort from then on.

My main goal for the next year is to find a job in the industry, not relying solely on retail and hospitality anymore. I don’t mind having odd jobs outside media, in fact I love to keep busy, but I want to be challenged in a job and not become stagnant and complacent in something that is comfortable just simply because it is income. To do this, I will look into finding an attachment or something similar with a production company as a starting point and work my way from there. Right now I feel my strength are within the production, management, and organization of things but until I see those roles in action and meet the people involved, I won’t know for sure.

Here is a list of some of the steps I feel are the most prevalent to focus on immediately after this semester finishes up. This will obviously change as I network and find projects to work on but it is a good starting point to help boost myself and the work I do.

– Create website for personal promotion

– Personal Branding

– Research the production houses in Melbourne

– Update / refine CV

– Find a job working on a set of some sort TV or Film

– Network not only here but also in the US for when I return home

– Look into getting or sourcing basic equipment


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