Future Outcomes

In my opinion Art – off the wall has been a pretty successful project. I typically find that I am not the big idea person so to see this through has been really exciting. The most challenging part of the whole project has been trying to get a following for the Instagram page. We put a strong emphasis on the branding of the content and how it was going to be strategically released. We even branded content for the artists to release as well in hopes that it would drive traffic to our page but unfortunately we did not see much of a jump in our following.


Looking back on the finalized page I feel that if we had used the promotional tools to boost the views, our content would have been seen more. That aside, our content was viewed a lot when the artists shared it on their page so at least it was getting seen. Instagram is a platform that needs to have posts regularly and I have found that the most successful ones use the story feature and interact with their followers on a regular basis. We did not have the time or ability to be that kind of presence as well as film and edit the 5 artists that we featured in the timeframe.

Below is the link to the finalized page completed for Strategic Media Project:


Moving forward I am looking forward to continuing this project and potentially pitch it for funding to expand. In order to do this project well I feel that a minimal crew of 3 is needed so that we can do those interactions and behind the scenes we weren’t able to do with just 2. We would also need to spend time building up a sort of library of artists before starting to release another series so that we can be that regular presence online. As the project is now we would be able to take it to a funding body to pitch. It can serve as a prototype of how it can look and this was done with no funding or promotion so there is a lot of room to grow and expand it.


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