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There are so many creative practitioners out there that are masters of their craft. I myself am still figuring out where I want to be placed within the Film and TV industry but it is good to have people you admire and look up to. One director that I look up to, M. Night Shyamalan, has been consistent in his work over the years and has branded himself to always surprise you with a twist in his works. These plot twists have become a sort of calling card for him and as a viewer you know you are going to be surprised with a twist at some point in his film.

I can imagine that it would be a daunting task to keep pushing forward and continue to evolve as a director when you know there are certain expectations that come with one of your films. I feel that he has done it really well. Sure there have been a few misses along the way in my opinion, but there have also been some really successful films too and his body of work really stays true to his brand.

He has just currently finished up a new work “Glass” to be released in early 2019 that merges “Split” (2016) with one of his earlier successes “Unbreakable” (2000). Both of these movies have a supernatural element to them, which not only fits in with his brand, but is also on trend with current movies, superheroes, and the climax of the DC and Marvel universes. His film “Glass” has no relation to those universes but you can see there is a clear audience for these types of superhero/supernatural stories right now. He is strong enough as a director to compete with those movies and it is a smart move to merge a recent work of his with one of his big successes from 18 years ago. This is not something you see often with him, merging multiple movie plots into a larger story, but this one looks like it will benefit from that and again it is very on trend for what is being made now.

One thing that I most like about M. Night Shyamalan and his body of work is his consistency and brand. The movies and stories may all be different, but as a fan you know there is quality in his work and to expect the unexpected when you see his name. I hope that as I work out where I will fit into the industry, I will be able to do the same and brand myself in such a way that when someone sees me in the future they will know what to expect from my work regardless of the position I am in.


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