Peer Review

Some groups took very different approaches to this assessment so it was interesting to see how they presented and promoted their projects. ‘Let’s be friends’ and ‘Fair to Wear’ projects stood out to me during the presentations.

Let’s be Friends

With ‘Let’s be friends’ I was lucky enough to help and be a part of which gave be a different perspective on their project. At first when I was approached to help, the group was just trying to figure about the cultural differences to use since they all came from similar backgrounds. They then later asked me to be a part of it.

I was unclear as to what their final product was going to look like, knowing only that it would consist of still images rather than a video like most people did. They had set up a storyboard and directed me what to do similar to what you would do in a video shoot. They were using two cameras and shooting at two different angles simultaneously so they were sure to have at least one shot from each scene that they could use to tell their story (hopefully more). This allows them to have many options and variety for each scenario allowing for flexibility in the post production of the images.

When it was time to give the presentations I was really pleasantly surprised with their results. I had no idea that they were doing the images in a comic style and I think that the end product was really successful to deliver their message. I think it was smart how they did their Instagram page to look as if it is a full page of the comic. It allows their audience to view and engage with the material in a new way to the platform.

They have also used other social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter to promote their final product, which will be in the form of an e-book. They will be able to take this book and promote it across their social media. I honestly had my doubts and confusion on how they were going to translate their concept into an interesting form showing cultural diversity but they did it very well and I would happily work with them again on projects in the future.


Fair to Wear

‘Fair to wear’ was a project done about the fair trade for clothing. Although I did not see a lot of cultural diversity within their presentation, I can see where there is a lot of potential to carry this idea forward and expand on it. Because the product for the course is only a 2-minute video it is hard to really expand on what they had to say and go into depth. There is a lot to talk about on the topic of fair trade and how it is effecting businesses, and the people who are making the garments overseas.

This idea and issue is very relevant and will have a good audience base with little to no work because it is a known issue and already has followers. If they are able to bring the issue in a new way and present it I think it could be really successful. Within their social media strategy they were smart to have not only the content that they are working to produce but also relevant content to the issue they are discussing. That can be a huge boost to their project by piggybacking to other content that is already out there and has followers leading them to your new content.

It is also smart having partnered with a company that does a lot of work on this topic. I was also pleasantly surprised that that the work is also carrying over to the relevance of RMIT as our school store is working to switch to the fair trade clothing and currently carries some of the products.

The only one big critique that I would have in this project and that is that is it very one sided and does not really show the cultural diversity. I think that if they had the opportunity to go to the areas that the clothing is coming from and show both sides of the issue it will create a much larger impact and will add to that diversity aspect. It is one thing to hear about how bad it is and the conditions but to see it really gives that shock effect for people to start taking action and changing their state of mind on the issue.

One aesthetic thing that I would have changed on their website was the use of the background color behind the text. I know that this does not have anything to do with the content and project but it would make for a cleaner presentation of the information. The color is very close and even touching the text in some parts which can make it difficult to read. A solution to this could have been to had added spacing around the text to allow it to breathe or better yet add a white text box behind the text and lower the opacity of it so that the image is still seen while not taking away from the content of the website. It may be a little picky but I feel that when you have a good message if you present it in a way that is appealing and easy for the viewer they are more likely to receive it in a more positive way.

– Bec

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