Presenting my work professionally

In order move forward in my career, it will take a while to figure out how exactly I am going to brand myself. However, I feel that a good starting point is to make showreel from my body of work thus far. Having a showreel will allow for potential clients or companies to quickly get a glimpse into what my capabilities and strengths are as a media practitioner. The downside to just having a showreel though is that it tends to be geared toward individuals striving to become cinematographers, directors, editors, or actors.

Right now where I am in my career, which is only just about to start, I feel that my strengths lie in the production roles that aren’t most benefited from a showreel. Because of this I feel that a website is going to be best suited to the roles I am going to want to be in. A website will allow me to showcase the projects that I have worked on in detail but also give a more well rounded description of my strengths.

My 2017 Showreel

I will still make a showreel, adding my more recent work to my current one and put it on the homepage of my website. I think that having a showreel accessible for people to view is similar to having a business card that you can hand out. It is a quick, easy, and visual way to hook a viewer or potential employer that can then lead them to the website and seeing you as a professional in more detail. I plan to have the showreel housed on the homepage of the site I make so that it is the first thing you see when you look me up. This will be a great starting point to house my projects, showreel, and bio for people to see and give them an easy way to contact me.

– Bec

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