Work in Progress Review

All in all the feedback I got during the work in progress review was very positive. At the time of the review we had finished filming 4 of the 5 artists to be featured and had 3 completely finished and published. In the review we also showed how we are branding the content both for the artists and us, and what it will look like when completed.

Example of teaser template used for the artists to release on their profiles prior to us releasing on ours. 

One of the main things that was pointed out to us was the use of subtitles and if it was really necessary to have them. Although we agreed it looks better without, it is beneficial to have them due to the platform we are releasing on. Instagram auto plays as soon as you scroll to the video and then also plays on a loop. Therefore we have chosen to add subtitles so that viewers will know that 1) there are sounds and 2) what is being said so if they aren’t able to hear it they can at least read it.

Final Instagram page

Example of Final Instagram Page

Our attention to branding did not go unnoticed and we were complimented on our attention to detail. It still has a ways to go until it is finished, but right now it is turning out to be a tight and clean concept that has great potential to go beyond this semester, continuing to grow.


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